You are invited on a sacred journey of discovery through powerful ancient techniques. Arabian bodywork is an ancient art, science and philosophy that will enable you to strengthen your innate sensual power and grow as a lover, and as an intimate being. The benefits of the techniques are cumulative. You will experience a growing sense of empowerment, intensity, and connectedness. Learn to delve into a deep meditative and blissful state of being that can move you through life with ecstatic awareness. You can become abundant in love, health, happiness and personal empowerment once the rediscovery of your true sensuality is realised. 

 Session Types :

Sessions for Ladies: 

Awakening the Inner Goddess 

Sessions for Men

Sacred Sensuality and the Goddess Touch 

Body Worship and Fetish themed Sessions

Awakening of  the Sensual Energy Centres

Sessions for Couples

Harmony of the Sacred Sensual Union

A session to harmonize energies, emotions, rhythms, and responses between two -

a blissful return to equilibrium.

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